Who wouldn't like a $10,000 saving?

We got a call from Tyson, a young guy wanting to buy his first truck. He had a quote from the dealership finance guy & wanted to know if we could do better.

We worked out a quote and compared it to what the dealership guy had done, Ours was not only cheaper by a couple of bucks a months, it was over one years shorter term. ???

After checking the other quote we found the dealership finance guy had added a few little extras (not good ones) like an origination fee & a monthly account servicing fee. When we added it all up we found our deal would save Tyson around $10,000 in interest & charges plus he'd own his truck one whole year earlier. He only needed to borrow about $45,000 so we saved him around a quarter of the amount of his loan.

If you'd like to check this out with Tyson, just give us a call & we'll put him in touch.

Call John  0412 291 126 or send us a message through our contact page if you'd like to check whether you could save money too.